Learn how to play the clarinet with these online clarinet lessons. This course is designed for all those who cannot find a teacher, cannot maintain regular lessons, or those looking for extra guidance. It contains all you need to know to begin playing the clarinet or improve your skills.

Each grade contains detailed instructions using video, photographs, sound files and sheet music, everything you will need to learn to play the clarinet. Not just a tutor book but a comprehensive course designed to make learning the clarinet as simple as possible.
Throughout the course there are a total of 863 sound files, 297 sheets of music, 240 photographs, 114 videos, diagrams, fingering charts and very detailed simple instructions. And all for just 5 per month.
Copyright Colin Hunter
April 2006
" Hi Colin,
So far so good, even remotely you're much better than the woman I had lessons from!"
Helen Blaby - England
I started the lessons and I am impressed by the way it is done and presented... I am using the lessons as review and reinforcement.... Will see how fast I progress and will let you know if I should start on grade 2....
I think your program is great and the best I have seen on the Internet.
thank you
Corinne United States
"One of the most surprising features of Clarinet Companion Course is the fact that most of the exercises are merged cleverly, and seamlessly, disguised as real musical pieces. You are doing the exercise work as you play the music."
Dick Donaghue. Grade 2. Ireland
Hi Colin.
 I am enjoying your course. I have taken clarinet lessons before, and I find working through the your course material, at my own pace, rewarding. Your course provides, what are to me, new ways to approach problems I have encountered before. Your approach to 'crossing the break',
breathing, and alternative fingerings have helped renew my interest in playing the clarinet.
Thank you
Peter Smith Canada
Thanks, Colin. No problems yet. Lessons are very clear and understandable. You've done a great job.
Bob United States
Hi Colin,
I found the lessons really helpful, with plenty of material to keep them interesting. I decided to have a go at the grade 1 exam in December and got distinction, so they certainly worked! I've just signed up for grade 2 and am looking forward to getting started.
Scroll down to see some videos and read some comments sent to me by subscribers to the course.
Hello Colin,
Samara has finished grade 3/4 and we have just signed up for grade 4/5 ,we were very happy to see you had continued with it. She is still enjoying it as much as when she started, and I am convinced that if it wasn't for your detailed teaching she wouldn't be where she is now, in October last year at the school Convention she played the Interlude from Verdi and won 1st prize which was great considering she was playing for less than a year, so we just wanted to say thank you for giving people the opportunity to learn to play this way, it is ideal if you live a long away from everything as we do.
Kind regards,
Alice (Samara's mum)
& Samara Richardson

The lessons are great, and with the sound files its brilliant. I am trying to practice every day, and I can't wait to get on to the next lesson. Lets hope I can keep it up. Its comforting to know that there is backup as well.
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Picture of a treble clef.
Several of you have contacted me to ask what the piece is playing at the start of the videos. It is called Glen Callater and appears in Grade 4/5 Lesson 11 Exercise 19. I am being accompanied by my good friend and wonderful pianist Andrew Cheyne. Here is the complete recording. Have a listen while you read the rest of the page.
Glen Callater - Grade 4/5 Lesson 11 Ex.19
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